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The related workshops, installation and performance concern and confront the integration prescribed by Brown Vs. Board of Education in an interdisciplinary community based project that materializes in a segregated installation of textiles and lens based works. The project confronts political, social and class-based constructs of race and integration through direct dialog between artist of different cultural, geographical and racial legacies.

Perspectives on African-American Experience: Emerging Visions
Lookout! Gallery - Residential College of Arts and Humanities, Michigan Sate University
Musical Director, Composer - Jason Thompson
Conductor, Composer - John Meyers
Choreography - Lisa Biggs
Videography - Steve Baibak and Elsa Finch
Drummers - Joey Hathaway, Camille Thomas, Lee Wang
Musicians - Patrick Dame, Peter Drogosh, Cullen Hudson, Emily Seigneurie, Rachel Tuller, Shawn Vannocker
Archivists - Haleigh Moore
Dancers -

Workshop Collaborators - Shaylyn Adams, Althea Arnold, Marcus Lee, Emma Foley, Rachel Goldman, Valerie Gray, Melanie LaBerge, Haleigh Moore, Sydney Richards, Rachel Scott, Champagne Smith, Joseph Snowaert, Rachel Tang, Alexa White

Special Thanks to:
Many, many, many more to come
Carolyn Loeb
MSU Surplus
Tama Hamilton-Wray