La Ruota degli Innocenti is a site-specific installation situated in the Salone delle Compagnie at the Ospedale degli Innocenti, Florence, Italy. The exhibition is sponsored by the Fulbright Commission. The Ospedale is an ancient Florentine institution for the assistance of abandoned children. Under the series of arches in the facade it is still possible to see where there was once a wooden wheel set into the outside wall permitting for unwanted children to be passed from their parents custody to that of the Ospedale for their education and raising. Many children were passed through in possession of half of a coin, button or other object with the remaining half kept by the parents for eventual reclaiming of the child.

This wheel is employed by the artists as a metaphor for the intergenerational breakdown of communication and makes reference to technology’s role in increasing this gap. The over thirty works situated throughout the space vary from sculpture upon which liquid emulsions have created photographic interventions, digital prints that have been drawn into, video projection and museum-like display cases. The work results from two years of research.